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Spotify ‘Wrapped’ with REAL-Time Digital OOH

See Your Face and Music on the World's Greatest Billboard

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Piccadilly Lights in London. IMPRESSIVE!

Spotify Extends “Wrapped” with Dynamic Multi-Market DOOH 

We published a brief note on Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ campaign last week. Our friends at Grand Visual shared the extended version of the campaign with us and comments showing the worldwide images on iconic #OOH structures.

It’s an opportunity for Spotify users to share their profiles on the world’s most dynamic Outdoor Advertising structures!  Spotify is giving users the chance to opt-in and have their personal listening data flashed on a billboard, in one of six of the most iconic billboards in the world—Times Square in New York, Piccadilly Lights in London, Forum Des Halles in Paris, Eaton Center in Toronto, Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz in Berlin, and Melbourne Square in Australia. 

Spotify has extended its popular end of year marketing campaign “Wrapped”, with a real-time digital OOH campaign.

Here is how easy it is→ just click on the “Share on a Billboard” button as shown below!
Yes, that’s my account and I have visions of my mug on Times Square dancing through my head!
Who can top 6,379 minutes?  OK, everyone can.  How about that list of Artists!  Old School.
Wait, how did Billy Joel get in there?  Must be my wife. 

Created by Spotify, and produced by Grand Visual, the dynamic digital OOH creative features the user’s profile picture alongside their top artists, songs, and genres, and time spent listening.

Eaton Center in Toronto

OpenLoop, the digital OOH campaign management platform from QDOT, takes the live data feed from Spotify and distributes the creative to the media owners in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and France.

Wrapped has already graced traditional billboards across the world, but this is the first real-time multi-market OOH activation for the music brand. The campaign was planned and booked by UM London and Rapport and runs through to December 31st.


the first real-time multi-market OOH activation for the music brand.

Click on the Links below.

Here is a link to Overshares in NYC, London, Toronto and Australia and images of the Wrapped Microsite.

Short video of Piccadilly here.

Melbourne Square in Australia





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