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Quotient Announces Vaccination Dashboard

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Quotient Announces Vaccination Dashboard
to Help Marketers Understand Shifts in
Foot Traffic Around Vaccine Distribution Locations

Dashboard provides insight into movement to grocery stores, pharmacies and doctors’ offices to uncover advertising opportunities in key locations across the U.S.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA  – Quotient (NYSE: QUOT), the leading digital media and promotions technology company, today announced the launch of a Vaccination Dashboard. Ad buyers can use this tool to monitor shifts in foot traffic and identify opportunities to reach consumers at COVID-19 vaccination distribution locations, including grocery stores, pharmacies and doctors’ offices across the U.S.

According to CDC recommendations, vaccination distribution locations should hold patients for 15-minutes after receiving the vaccine. This waiting period creates an opportunity for advertisers and retailers to engage with consumers during a time of high purchase intent. Quotient’s vaccine dashboard empowers marketers to gain insight into consumers’ movement in and around specific vaccination location categories, as well as by Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs), based on foot traffic to retail and vaccine locations.

“We built this Vaccine Dashboard to help guide retailers’ and brands’ advertising strategies as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues. It provides insights that can guide them toward relevant messaging and offerings that could be valuable during post-vaccination or as a quick in-store pickup,” said Gilad Amitai, VP Revenue and Operations. “Ad buyers can monitor and understand important consumer trends emerging based on vaccination, on a local and national level.”

To conduct this analysis, Quotient analyzes movement around 115k+ grocery stores, pharmacies and doctors’ offices nationwide with a radius of 0.04 miles and dwell time limits. Lift is reported as the percentage change in weekly visitors observed compared to the baseline, starting with the week of December 14th, 2020 when the vaccine roll out in the US began. The baseline is the average weekly visitors by DMA between September 7th, 2020 through December 13th, 2020.

For more information about the vaccine dashboard, please visit https://www.quotient.com/covid-19-shopper-dashboard/vaccine/.

About Quotient
Quotient (NYSE: QUOT) is the leading digital media and promotions technology company that creates cohesive omnichannel brand-building and sales-driving opportunities to deliver valuable outcomes for advertisers, retailers and consumers. The Quotient platform is powered by exclusive consumer spending data, location intelligence and purchase intent data to reach millions of shoppers daily and deliver measurable, incremental sales. For more information visit www.quotient.com.

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