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Project X Media Executives Talk Recent Company Shifts

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by Sarah Druhan, OOH TODAY Editorial Intern

It was in August of this year that OOH Media executive Rick Robinson started at Project X Media. And it will be four fast months later that he will step into his newest position: CEO of the entire Project X Media company.

Even for a recognized OOH staple with as many years under his belt as Robinson, this new hire-to-CEO pipeline might seem a little shorter than most. Current CEO John Laramie seems confident in the work that went into this recent decision. “This has been planned for several months,” explains Laramie. “PJX’s leadership team drove the decision and the timing, using several key levers for determining the right fit and cadence for the transition. Rick’s ability to plug in, connect with everyone across the organization, inspire, motivate, and drive meaningful impact in three months was remarkable…the timing worked because the leadership team felt everyone was ready, and it’s particularly nice that it lines up with starting the new year with Rick at the helm.”

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Laramie founded Project X Media in 2014 and has served as the company’s CEO ever since. He will still hold a position as Chairman of the Board, but January 2023 will mark him stepping away from the forefront of the company for the first time in almost ten years, the end of an era for Project X. This also means to some degree handing Robinson the reins to ADstruc, Project X’s technology platform that uses its own software to streamline the process of buying and selling OOH in-house. While this shift in control is also no small change for the company—Laramie has acted as CEO of ADstruc since he founded it in 2010, and its technology has always been at the core of Project X as an agency—the Project X team seems determined to expand upon ADstruc’s abilities.

“Recently, we have been fielding a tremendous amount of demand from our OOH supply side partners for our proposal and mapping tools,” Laramie says. “We published a survey last month  which continued to drive home, and we are using that feedback right now to carve a path forward. Expect more from us on this soon.”

we have been fielding a tremendous amount of demand from our OOH supply side partners for our proposal and mapping tools

As for the soon-to-be CEO himself, Robinson’s 36 years in the Industry has given him OOH expertise in spades. His previous recognitions include the L. Ray Vahue Marketing Award of Merit and induction into the OAAA Hall of Fame, and he arrived at Project X fresh from his position as Chief Creative Officer in Residence at the OAAA. By no means is Robinson an outsider to the OOH world. But his quick promotion, combined with the agency’s recent debut of a revamped Client Portal and Pulse Reports, may signal some bigger desires from the Project X team moving forward.

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