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Podcast 32 —Why OOH Buyers Have Long Memories —Real Traffic Reports

The Only Podcast with 190 years of combined Outdoor advertising experience

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Why Buyers Have Long Memories —It’s The Boards’ Turn  Recession Tales —Real Traffic Reports


Welcome to OOH Today’s Podcast #32 —The Board Room

The Board Room features 5 EXPERIENCED Out of Home professionals who take center stage in debate. If you want candy coated comments, delete and move on. 

Learn from over 190 years of combined Outdoor advertising experiences.

There are a lot of billboard podcasts out there, only The Board Room brings expert based discussion of real issues and offering real solutions to the Outdoor Advertising Industry. 


In today’s podcast, listen to the Board of Directors heated exchange (perhaps the most heated to date) for the next 50 minutes. Grab a glass, put on the head phones and listen to the debate only OOH Today’s Board Room delivers.

A teaser of the topics:

° Beginning with ‘The Boards’ Turn’ is a feature where the Board members share what’s on their minds.  The Board has a passionate discussion on COVID Rates —It turns into a straightforward Sellers verses Buyers debate. You’ll want to hear the candid discussion why OOH Owners may be causing self inflicted wounds by maintaining rates. 

° Early in the podcast, hear the ‘Mic Drop’ comment on Where is Programmatic in this crisis?

° The Ad Agency Side reminds us, OOH Buyers have a long memory of Media Owners who were not willing to work a deal. 

° Listen as we take on how to Beat PETA  —Will Lamar and PETA be able to work together?
The Lion and a Lamb may lie down together but the Lamb will get no sleep.


Todd HansenBob Wolfe, Jack Sullivan, Jeff Joaquin and Daniel Wilkins

Todd Hansen

Bob Wolfe
Jack Sullivan
Jeff Joaquin
Daniel Wilkins






Podcast #32 –50 min. Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen

The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:

Todd Hansen, President, Sun Outdoor
Bob Wolfe, President Founder, Outselling, Inc
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Consultant, email: jsulli2703@gmail.com
Jeff Joaquin, Co-founder President. Marquee Media
Daniel Wilkins, Owner & President, Agency 672

Moderator: Brent Baer,  Publisher, OOH Today

We want to hear from you! Share your opinions, comments and experiences on the issues and answers presented in today’s #billboard podcast. Please submit questions for our panel to BillBoard@OOHToday.com  

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We may not always say what you like, but we’ll tell it like it is on Out of Home Advertising.

OOH TODAY —The outdoor advertising industry’s only independent voice.

The Board Room’ is outdoor advertising’s unfiltered/unscripted podcast offering deeper insights of the Out of Home Advertising Industry. A panel of experienced #OOH professionals discuss everything in the OOH space… agencies, buyers/sellers, creative, leadership, measurement, sales, technology and the journey.




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  1. David says

    It was a great podcast listening to the debate between vendors and agency! I hear both sides but ultimately the market always dictates price. I’m a sales guy and believe we need to be flexible with pricing in the short term to get some revenue on the boards that currently aren’t collecting rent.

  2. Carole Jones says

    ‘OMG…I can’t believe that Outdoor companies aren’t doing everything possible to fill space. I know how low occupancy is in My Major City. I know that many major advertisers have requested (and received!) 50% discounts on contracted (!) space. To be clear, casinos who had $50,000 per four week period contracted are having their invoices reduced to $25,000 per period. And the billboard companies are happy to be receiving the $25,000 per period—the casinos are all closed! Cancellations have been allowed with zero notice and without any pushback. Sorry, Todd Hansen, you must run a plant in a dream world. Rate integrity is great when you are 90%+ occupied. Otherwise, close the deal and move on. My City has Rolling Stones concert this summer at the Ball Park on the street, political ads for presidential candidates and PAC messages and casinos advertising their new sports book which was legalized in March for one day before it was shut down! Basically, any deal that covers the cost of materials and installation is a good one in My City!

    The lease argument to justify rates is total BS which your panel called out pretty well.

    Traffic is still down at least 50% in my Major City. No rush hours, but steady, light, moving traffic throughout the day. All the major traffic generators (Downtown casinos/restaurants, sporting events, major employers, concerts, events) are closed. This also eliminates a “hook” when selling. For example, “Mr. Advertiser, you need to be on the freeways to reach all the Hockey fans going downtown!” “Your board will reach all those folks going downtown for the Stones concert.”

    How does my prediction of it being April of 2021 before Outdoor bounces back (Jack Sullivan said the same thing)? A year from now publicly traded billboard companies will be telling everyone how they are “killing it.” 2nd Quarter sales in 2021 will be 20% higher than the 2nd Quarter sales this year. Of course, they won’t tell you that their 2021 sales are still 20% lower than what they did in 2019. Corporate billboard sales are all about beating your performance in year to year comparisons.

  3. No Fear No Favor says

    David, we are happy to hear your appreciation for the debate. Sharing both sides of a discussion gives our readers buyers and owners pause for thought and insights preparing them for issues we all seem to be facing today. We agree with you, market always dictates rates. Thank you for sharing.

  4. No Fear No Favor says

    Well Carole Jones, you covered all the bases. We appreciate your deep insights into the last podcast #32. It appears you have been doing this for many years as your comments can only be those by someone living the OOH business. Experience is the best teacher. Thank you for sharing. Be safe. Keep listening and commenting on our Podcasts. We sincerely welcome the feedback.

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