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OUTFRONT Media Ready to Claim OBIE Awards

Outfront 2019 OBIE Finalists on Video

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OUTFRONT Media Ready to Claim OBIE Awards

When you have an impressive number of entries in this year’s OBIE Competition and your Creative Department is growing with quality staff and historic designs, its time to create a video and share with your team.

If you are with Outfront Media or somehow connected to them, you have seen this video. If not, let us share the 1 minute 37 second creative video they recently released showcasing their 2019 OBIE Finalists.

Impressive work making the 97 second video. Click on arrow below.  Congrats OUTFRONT Media.

For the record, OOH Today’s pick for 2019 OBIE BEST of Show is the ‘Rocket Billboard.’

See our two stories about this masterful creative, working closely with Operations, taking an
ordinary tri-vision and making it into a landmark billboard location!  

click here⇒ Space Cowboys and the Rocket Billboard
and here⇒ Tri Shooting a Rocket from a Billboard Never Looked so Easy





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  1. Patsy says

    The Dunkin and Flying Biscuit creative is fantastic!

  2. Bill Board says

    OOH Time for breakfast! Thank you for your comment!

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