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Outfront Media and Ford Launch Billboards 8 Markets

7 Reasons Why This Campaign Rides into the Sunset of Success

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Consumer-Designed Ford Mustang Art To Appear On Outdoor In 8 Markets

Outfront Media and Ford announced an out-of-home campaign showcasing the Mustang’s 2018 model, giving consumers the opportunity to create and share original Mustang logo art and a chance to see their designs on OUTFRONT Media digital displays. Its 50 years of Ford Mustang celebrating with Pony Personalizer’.  If a definition of ‘ride’ is managing a horse in motion, this campaign redefines ride and horse..err pony.

OOH Today loves this innovative campaign for the following reasons:
1. National in scale with advertiser and markets, FORD and 8 major cities.
2. Clever use of OOH digital medium and inventory.
3. Creative personalization opportunity
4. Consumer participation for John and Jane Q Public in paid space
5. Committed display locations of consumer generated designs
6. Campaign has ‘long legs’ by refreshing with a new designs.
7. Interactive opportunity

Regarding point 5., Typically, consumer created designs are on one location and off the beaten trail in PSA type delivery.  You know what I mean.  Not this campaign. This is a nice twist with a consumer creation, putting it right ‘out front’ (pun intended) on major metro properties.

This DOOH campaign checks all the boxes for success. Design this one as, ‘FUN’.

We tried the Pony Personalizer. You should too. Click ⇒ Pony Personalizer

Here is our first attempt of design click hereOOHToday Mustang





OOH Today looks forward to seeing the many billboard design executions as they roll out.
As we learn more details on the execution and design changes through the duration of the campaign, we hope to have photos to share.

This is an opportunity for ‘local sales’ to ride the tail of the ‘National Buy’. Go to your local Ford dealer and provide them with a ‘localized’ proposal to ride the tail of this campaign. Creative should be dealer focused on where to buy the Mustang. Get the art department going with spec. GET TO THE DEALER TODAY!

Back to the post.

We are flipping the order of the introduction and right to the markets, timing and comments from Outfront CMO, Jodi Senese.

“The campaign, which will run through July, will be displayed on OUTFRONT properties throughout Los AngelesAtlantaDallas/Ft. WorthHoustonMiami/Ft. LauderdalePhoenixSan Antonio and Orlando.

“OUTFRONT Media is thrilled to partner on this exciting, engaging initiative,” said Jodi Senese, EVP and CMO at OUTFRONT Media. “Our premium digital assets, in concert with the colorful Mustang logos as visualized by fans, connects the online to the physical and highly visible delivery of out-of-home assets.”

 Check out the full story here ⇒ Outfront and Ford





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