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Outfront Makes Lemonade in Lemon Grove

$9 Million Over 20 Years

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Outfront Provides Sweet Incentive to Approve New Digital Build

Outfront Media scored a victory with approval by City Council to build a 14 x 48, two sided digital display on city property in Lemon Grove, California. The digital billboard is projected for 65-feet under a 20-year agreement.  Outfront is giving up 2 static #OOH locations, segments for city events, space discounts to local merchants and according to reports by city officials, $325,000 in year one, with projected city coffers receiving nearly $9 million over the life of the agreement. Outfront projects install completion June 2020.

Scenic San Diego complained that the city was being hypocritical citing ‘municipal code does not allow digital billboard signs to be erected on private property.’ Considering the City is operating under a near half million dollar deficit for fiscal 2019-20 and 2020-21 is estimated at a disparity of $800K, Outfront is providing a strong financial incentive and lifeline for Lemon Grove.  Great example of private industry working with municipalities.

Nice win for Outfront. Congrats!




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