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Outdoor Media Company QMS, Grabs Competitor’s Chief Sales Officer

leading the sales function across the entire national QMS network

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QMS Chief Executive Officer, John O’Neill
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Publishers Notes:
We prefer to stay away from individually publishing every announcement of personnel changes that come our way to keep more variety coming your way. ‘OOH Moves Today‘, our customary Friday lead feature, pretty well covers all the recent personal moves. We receive on average, 10 notification requests a week, ranging from newly minted college grads joining the Industry to Executive Management dispatches imploring us to publish their new employee as a stand alone post. We can not do that. Though we make exceptions. This announcement would normally be rolled up into ‘OOH Moves’. It is singled out because; 1. we are happy for Tim Murphy, obviously, but 2. as important, we are using the opportunity to continue our firmly committed belief that leaders in the OOH Industry, particularly at the CEO, President, Chief Revenue Officer and in this case, Chief Sales Officer, chain of commands, must be filled by a highly talented and OOH EXPERIENCED individual.

Take a look at the backgrounds of certain OOH Industry leaders (use LinkedIn) starting with those organizations who are struggling. (Let’s use a rather low set target defined as four or five percent and less revenue increases or poorly performing stock pricing). Too be fair, look at their last several years. Check out the big or small companies. Examine startups or mature companies. And see for yourself.

For the love of OOH, let’s get ahold of ourselves. Take stock and hire OOH experienced individuals for these Industry mission critical executive level positions. Congrats Tim Murphy and QMS. There is a great deal we can learn from you.

QMS announces key sales management structure

Leading digital outdoor company QMS today announced changes to its sales management structure to reflect the experience, skills and innovation needed to capitalize on the organization’s growth trajectory and accelerate its vision for the future.

The structure takes effect in February and sees Tim Murphy join the Executive Team in the new role of Chief Sales Officer, with the responsibility for leading the sales function across the entire national QMS network, including the City of Sydney, to further streamline QMS’ focus on solution-based selling.

Mr. Murphy is a highly accomplished and respected media executive with over 16 years’ experience in the out of home sector, most recently as Chief Sales Officer at oOh!media. He commences on Monday, 5 February 2024.

…the changes were driven by the need to implement a structure to support this growth moving forward.

Alex Kerley continues in his role as Chief Revenue Officer, leading QMS’ national and state-based sales teams (Agency, Independent and Direct) to deliver excellent customer service and drive revenue growth across the QMS product portfolio.

Mark Fairhurst, in his role as Executive General Manager, will continue to oversee and manage the preeminent City of Sydney portfolio from a strategic business development, commercial and operational perspective, as well as maintaining responsibility for QMS’ trading function including partnerships, pricing strategy and analytics.

Finally, Sara Lappage will expand her current customer-based operations role, to assume full Chief Operating Officer responsibilities. This expanded remit will see her responsible for the organization’s corporate operating functions, as well as its marketing, research, strategy and insights teams.

Fueled by its ongoing investment in digital innovation, strategic asset development and data-led creativity, QMS Chief Executive Officer, John O’Neill said the changes were driven by the need to implement a structure to support this growth moving forward.

Mr. O’Neill said: “This enhanced management structure enables us to maximize our next phase of growth. It is designed to position QMS for the long-term, allowing us to adapt to changing market trends and to embrace innovation. It is about fostering a culture of growth and excellence that will see us rise to new challenges, seize opportunities, and ensure our continued success and the success of our clients.

“These appointments, along with the broader Executive Team, will ensure that we have the right leadership and amazing teams throughout the business to champion this change.”

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