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Outdoor Advertising Completes the Mya Moore for Kris Lindahl Basketball Trade

One on One  —Billboards and Basketball

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One on One  —Billboards and Basketball

When the Minneapolis community cried foul and expressed a desire to continue an iconic outdoor advertising design stay on the street, Kris Lindahl gave up one of his bulletins.  Lindahl is an independent realtor who found success in Outdoor Advertising.  As any smart marketing person in real estate knows, billboards are arguably the best advertising for them.  24 7 targeting neighborhood home sellers and buyers, a billboard provides the trusting personalization every agent knows they must have.

Many think Real Estate Agents have large egos which only #OOH would satisfy. While half of that statement may be true, the reality is, the full court press of a market a billboard delivers, is the personal touch agents must convey.  Whether buying or selling, one’s home is typically the largest investment of a person’s life. They must trust the agent.  Seeing the agents name and face, all day, every day is the consistent shot making attention OOH provides.

Why the basketball metaphors? Nike’s WNBA Minnesota Lynx, Mya Moore’s wall. A knockoff of the iconic Michael Jordan Wings image from 33 year’s past, was reproduced of Moore on the streets of Minneapolis.  It was such a crowd pleaser the public wanted it back.  Curtain call time, Lindahl subbed in the Moore creative for two of his real estate billboard locations he had running in the market.

Unselfish move or smart marketing? Ask Kris Lindahl.

Here is the story⇒Lindahl’s billboards are making headlines again.
The story of Jordan and Moore’s side by side comparison⇒Jordan campaign wars Moore re-creation

Here are a few photos of the #billboards. Lindahl needs a ball in his hand to complete the pass.
How about it Kris?  Can you take it to the rack? It looks like you have the hands for it.



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