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Is Apple a Threat to Out of Home?

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Apple store Boston photo credit Apple

Apple Taking on the Autonomous Car

Its official.  A patent by Apple to turn the car windshield into an augmented reality screen. Here is the link to Newsweek⇒Apple patent turns car windscreen into giant reality screen .

OOH Today has been reading and hearing about this from automotive and tech insiders for months and it has been finally announced.  OOH Today has discussed this topic and its the potential ramifications to the Out of Home Industry in-depth starting here⇒4 Reasons Autonomous Cars are the Nemesis to OOH
And here⇒Autonomous Cars —the Grim Reaper of OOH, as the Internet was the Executioner of Newspaper


Apple is already a monster player in the auto industry. Millions of motorists use the company’s CarPlay software, placing Apple’s mobile operating system directly in the dashboards. Apple has a team working on electric cars and self driving cars, called Project Titan.  An iCar?

Apple Debuts

Recall the day Apple released the first iPhone?  It was 11 short years ago, June 29, 2007.  Did any of us see the iPhone coming as quickly and as deeply entrenched as it is?  A paradigm shift.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, of TF International Securities, forecasts “the Apple Car will be one of three market forces that lift the company to its second trillion dollars in value.”  Kuo predicts “the vehicle will launch in 2023 to 2025.”  Apple’s current autonomous software research could be built into an Apple vehicle.

Apple Threat Real or Imagined?

A patent by Apple to turn the car windshield in to an augmented reality screen, is by itself not an immediate threat.  It is more proof of the beginning of where these multinational, bottomless-cash rich, media companies appear to be heading.  And this is just Apple.  If you recognize smart cities and connectivity, autonomous cars are part of the conversation.  We’re not suggesting the sky is falling. We want to see Industry dialogue.

Let’s huddle up, move the topic to the front burner and start discussing solutions.  Let’s not allow #OOH to be struck with paradigm paralysis. (the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking)

Let’s huddle up, move the topic to the front burner and start discussing solutions.




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  1. Stephen Freitas says

    OAAA commissioned a white paper on this topic in 2016. I’ll send it to you and please share it with your reader if you wish. I can tell you, industry leaders are focused on this topic.

  2. […] Apple’s #iCar to turn the car windshield into an #AR screen. Is that a threat to #OOH adverti… […]

  3. Bill Board says

    It is reassuring news Mr Freitas, to know OOH Industry leaders are focused on the topic.
    We look forward to the OAAA commissioned 2016 white paper to share with our reader!
    Sharing with us or the Industry, regarding potential or perceived threats of tech to OOH will keep us all informed and involved.

    Thank you.

  4. Bill Board says

    Thank you Digital Signage Plus for republishing OOH Today post on Apple
    Autonomous Cars and OOH.


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