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Reporting from the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia

2018 Convention Day 1

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Speaking at the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia

Our opportunity to speak to the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia was a welcomed break from the daily news blog..  Thank you OAAG.  What an impressive group!

Day 1, featured an introductory welcome from OAAG Board Chair Bryan Gaylor of Clear Channel Outdoor, followed by Georgia Senior Director of Statewide Economic Development & Governmental Affairs, Bart Gobeil.

Gobeil presented the impact of The Port of Savannah for our host city, the State of Georgia and the world-wide economic impact of the port.

OOH Today drew a long straw allowing us to speak second for the day.  OOH Today highlighted the “Best of OOH Today in our last 8 months of operation. The presentation is here⇒OOHToday-OAAG FFF.  If this link is not working, send us a note to Billboard @OOHToday.com  and in the subject line place ‘Best of Present.’  We will forward our presentation to you.

Next up was, Morgan Hudgens, of Revelation Outdoor Advertising,  and Morgan talked about his experiences of “Small Market Digital Inventory Management,” which detailed the features and benefits of Blip Billboards.

The last speakers of Day 1, were OAAA VP of State, Local and Regulatory Affairs and long time friend, Myron Laible.  Liable along with John Bozeman, Managing Partner with GeorgiaLink Public Affairs Group updated us on the status of OOH legal and regulatory issues before the Industry today.

The end of the evening was a welcome reception at the Moon River Brewing Company hosted by Whooping Creek Construction, Carrollton,Georgia.

My first blush of the event is impressive in terms of enthusiasm, responsiveness and the sheer numbers of attendees. I have had the good fortune to compare with other State Associations as a past board member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Virginia. A board member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Kansas, and the Outdoor Advertising Association of Illinois, who is having their annual 2018 meeting August 23.

In the 80’s, my attendance as a sales rep, to the annual meetings of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Michigan was an educational experience, as every Outdoor Advertising Company in the Mitten State emptied their respective offices allowing all employees to attend.  The OAAM number of attendees, at least as experienced over 30 years ago, are similar to extensive turnout by the group in Georgia.  The other State Associations attendance numbered considerable less.

Our OAAG presentation achieved enough interest to field multiple questions and post discussion.
Thank you.

OOH Today will have more to share about this event which runs through Wednesday, August 22.

Taking nothing way from the aforementioned State Associations, the turnout and enthusiasm of the convention participants in Georgia is a remarkable example of OOH owners and suppliers coming together for ‘the good of OOH.’




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