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“Our Job is Your Recovery, Period.”

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Our Job is Your Recovery, Period.


The email below from OAAA came into our sister company, baerboards yesterday. 
As an OAAA member, baerboards receives the official OAAA communications and occasionally shares them with us.

We can all take a breath with the ‘two reasons’: forgoing of dues for April and May” and that the OAAA’s job is your recovery, period.”  Good strategy and mission!  We all need the support and good news in this troubled time.

As long as we are opening the mission statement and commitment door; anyone besides me interested in specifics like? 

1. How much does the forgone dues represent? How much is in the emergency funds?
2. Where is the OAAA cutting costs?
3. What is the actual number of the record number of members who convened for the March 24 webinar?
4. Can we hear details about what does OAAA sees as ‘what matters’ to the OOH Industry in this COVID-19 crisis?

Here is the baerboards email below.


Subject: OAAA is Here to Help

Dear Brent,

We hope you, your colleagues, and family are safe and healthy. 

I am writing for two reasons:

  • Mission (OAAA focus on what matters in crisis), and
  • Money (you owe no OAAA dues for two months)

On March 25, the OAAA Board of Directors approved a plan that means OAAA will forgo dues from media company members for April and May. OAAA will transfer funds from its emergency surplus.

Like you, OAAA has made tough decisions to cut costs. Our staff and resources are focused on government-affairs and advancing our medium in the marketplace. A record number of OAAA members convened March 24 for our webinar on “essential business.”

Our job is your recovery, period.

Please accept our commitment to you and your company. 

Anna Bager
President & CEO
1850 M Street NW, Suite 1040
Washington, DC 20036
202.833.5566 Phone
www.oaaa.org Website


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