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OOH’s Naughty List of Creative

Offbeat Holiday Out of Home —Not For the Easily Offended

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Offbeat Holiday OOH
the naughty list

by Anonymous 

Some rather out of the ordinary creative has been collected and grouped below by an individual who requested anonymity.  For your curious sense of interest and humor, we are sharing this prurient OOH creative.  Frankly, we are amazed some of this material actually made it to the street and would not be surprised if a few may be Photoshop. Does anyone filter what goes on the street any more? We were assured all photos represent REAL OOH. While we never knowingly mislead or share ‘false material’, our ‘author’ assures us, it is all legitimate designs which were once on display. Some content may be controversial, if not outright offensive. It appears the creative department lost its sense of political correctness. Please proceed with caution.  For the holidays…


a message from Wrapify





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