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3 Brand Blasting Experiences for OOH

Blasting Props & Effects —Atomic

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What Atomic Props and Effects has been up to for 2019

This post from Atomic Props —Putting A Bow On 2019 And Planning For 2020

For our final Blast of 2019, we want to talk about production lead times. While we do pride ourselves on being able to fabricate jobs in short lead times, some projects take longer to produce. Especially high-tech projects with custom coded programs. Below we will get into what affects project lead times and how you can use this information to plan 2020 activations

HBO’s Watchmen Squidfall

HBO wanted to generate media buzz for their upcoming show, Watchmen. They had a nationwide digital and OOH campaign but wanted to enhance their OOH campaign with a one of a kind activation. We designed a custom coded, Augmented Reality experience that fits into a traditional transit shelter ad box. The AR effect was to make it look like squids were raining on NYC and Los Angeles.

Lead Time: 12 weeks

Stills from the custom AR experience in Los Angeles.
Watch the video of the experience here.


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Why would a project like this take so long? – AR projects in the OOH medium are becoming more frequent for Atomic. When you are doing things that have never been done before, the process has to start at the very beginning and there are no shortcuts.

What kind of technology went into producing this experience? – A lot of hard work and smart people. We started out by setting up cameras at the desired location to capture the cityscape. This allowed our team of coders to recreate the 3D environment within the computer. From there, they picked out moving objects, people and cars, to create realistic squid splats as the storm passed through. The computer algorithm was constantly calculating the physics of the storm by modeling the squid velocity and angle against the shapes it impacted upon to determine the bounce or slide behavior following impact.

After this game environment was created, we had to merge it with camera data to produce the live action. Additional programs were written to monitor the PC performance, the reading of movement sensors to trigger the start of the experience, timers to start and stop sequences appropriately, and measurement and control of heat within the PC/Camera environment to facilitate cooling when and where necessary.

All of this programming is in addition to fabricating a custom insert frame to hold the computer, screen and cameras. Adequate time for testing needs to also be added into the production schedule so we can fix any bugs that show up in the program.

What should I know if I want to have an AR experience created for my brand?

1. Consider the location. What is there to interact with that would create a dynamic experience? What kind of light source is present? Brighter locations typically allow for higher camera resolution.

2. Temperature – The electronics will overheat if it’s too hot. A cooling system may be needed for warmer climates, and maybe even an air conditioner.

3. Allow 10 – 16 weeks to take your idea from start to finish. We have to re-create a 3D environment specific to your location, re-write a new algorithm so it is following a new set of rules, generate new assets for your AR experience, and allow time for testing!

Short on time?
Not every project has a long lead time. But the size, quantity, and complexity all affect how quickly we are able to fabricate a prop. A few of our newest projects below were produced under a shorter lead time. If you have a project that needs to be produced in a short amount of time, let us know so we can advise what is possible.

Target Bows
This holiday project was a quick turn, less than two weeks! We fabricated and installed these bows to hang over the entrance to a Target.
Location: Edina, MN

When in doubt, add lighting! We added internal, color-accurate lighting to these can letters to make the shelters pop after dusk.
Location:  Los Angeles


Post from Atomic Props & Effects, Ltd




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