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OOH’s Gigantic Edible Burger Wall

Edible Billboard Dispenses Free Burgers

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 a wall of burger boxes create an outdoor billboard ad wall
The burger wall

A Wall of Burgers Built this OOH Execution

#geekOUT —Friday Fast Facts

Deliveroo, an Australian food delivery service, built an entire billboard out of burgers this week to celebrate the delivery of their 5 millionth burger!


It took 2000 burgers from various restaurants to construct the wall – which were given to Deliveroo customers.

We at Geopath think this would be an amazing execution here in the states.  The roadside inventory we measure delivers more than 7 billion impressions every week to people who eat at fast food restaurants 10+ times a month.  In fact, there are several units within a block of the Geopath office that deliver well over 100,000 impressions a week to this target audience.

Also – we really like burgers.

If you want to know more and develop your own fast facts, contact geekout@geopath.org
A message from Geopath

OOH —Friday Fast Facts




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