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OOH Today Podcast 44 — 9 to 16% Growth. The Future of Sales. The No. 1 Impediment

The Board Room Assesses

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The Board Room Assesses—

Mark Boidman’s 9 to 16% 2021 Growth Forecast.
The Future of OOH Sales.
The No. 1 Impediment to OOH’s Lack of Success during Covid

OOH Today Podcast 44—


There are a many billboard podcasts, only The Board Room brings expert based discussion of real issues, offering actionable solutions to the Outdoor Advertising Industry. Some of the commentary can be rough, if you want candy coated comments, delete and move on.

Today’s podcast #44 —The Board Room’s Out of Home experts answer fill in the blank questions with the one word which best characterizes the issues challenging OOH today. 

Mark Boidman’s forecast for 2021 of +9 to 16% is______? “Accurate but not Good.” “Understated.”  

What is the future for the OOH Sales Process is destined for _________?  “This is a cleanse.”  

The number one impediment to OOH’s lack of success during the Covid Crisis has been _______?  “Leadership.”  “…the perception of the lack of impressions.” “Marketing and lack of reset.”

The Board Room, 4 EXPERIENCED Out of Home professionals who take center stage in debate the  challenges facing the Industry today. Bob Wolfe Todd HansenJack Sullivan, and Jeff Joaquin

Podcast #40 – 23 minutes. Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen


The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:

Bob Wolfe, Founder and President of Outselling, Inc
Todd Hansen, President, Sun Outdoor
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Consultant, email: jsulli2703@gmail.com

Jeff Joaquin, Co-founder President  Marquee Media
Daniel Wilkins
, Founder, Agency672

Moderator: Brent Baer,  Publisher, OOH Today

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We want to hear from you! Share your opinions, comments and experiences on the issues and answers presented in today’s #billboard podcast. Submit questions for our panel to BillBoard@OOHToday.com

The link to access Mark Boidman’s presentation is here ⇒Fiscal Outlook w/Top Media Analyst & Industry CROs Considering the Financial Future of OOH  

OOH Today’s Podcast is produced and edited by Outselling, Inc
Podcast page logo by Leslie (Skydragon Designs) Morris
Podcast 44


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