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OOH Rides the Pony

3 Reasons Why OOH Ad Spend is Up

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OOH Rides the New Ad Spending High

The headline which follows, from The Wall Street Journal, ‘Ad Spending Hits a New High as Search Ads, Out-of-Home and Amazon Rise,’  is a brief post you should read if you have a spare 90 seconds.

Here’s a summary:

• U.S. total ad spend is up 9.6% at $212.4 Billion from the year before.
•Amazon doubled it ad revs to $6 billion in 2018.
•Amazon increased its own ad spend by 50% in 2018
•Ad spend in OOH is up 4.3% to $8.2 billion and here’s why:

  1. “The strength of new interest from technology companies and direct-to-consumer brands.”
  2. “The spread of digital screens and the erosion of other ad channels’ audiences also helped out-of-home advertising”
  3. “Some demographic targets are increasingly difficult to reach through television or print, but they’re still reachable through out-of-home, and sometimes in a more cost-efficient way”

Consider this; when your next prospect tell’s you she’s ‘sticking or going with online advertising,’ ask her if the largest online ad sellers use OOH to promote themselves, why wouldn’t she do so as well? Share the Wall Street Journal’s advocacy for #OOH!

As my old boss, the late Tom, Martin, used to say when we are on a winning opportunity, “Ride that Pony!”





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