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Monday, July 23 is “Thank an OOH Planner Day

Why Out of Home Planning is One of the Toughest Job's in the Industry

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Out of Home Media Planner
may the most under appreciated position in the OOH Industry.

Monday, July 23, is OOH Planner Day.

Out of Home media planning is typically thought of as a relatively easy job. It is a simple process, Right? Take your client’s budget, buy as much OOH as you you can negotiate from #OOH Owners and issue a contract.  Easy.  Yet, as OOH is more than vinyl wrapped faces, so too is the expertly planned Outdoor Advertising campaign.  Some advertising clients and OOH sellers, fail to realize the multiple factors considered when building a campaign. Formats, targeting, data input, location selection, negotiations —its a lengthy list which must be checked off with every campaign plan and buy. OOH media planning is  a tough job.

The pay is terrible. Examples for average starting positions are $35,000 to $40,000. Try to eat in a major market with that dough. Forget housing. Everyone walks to stay in shape? It’s because they can’t afford transportation.

The hours are typically brutal. At many of the largest shops, it is common to find planners working to 8 and 9 PM nearly every night except Friday.  And yes, many arrive at 9 AM but the math still doesn’t work. It’s a long day.

The working conditions are not the classy windowed corner office with free granola bars, beer and foos ball like seen in the movies. It’s more cattle like cubicles with desks pushed against each other row after row.  There’s no personal space or privacy.

The benefits can be great with free tickets to any event and fabulous dinners from vendors if you or your company are so inclined. ‘Extras’ are not without a cost.

One of the easiest though least rewarded benefit is recognition. Planners execute a great OOH plan, it goes smoothly and it’s a ‘thanks a lot’, if your lucky.  A plan which stumbles, late install or poor location for example, and you are the first person who gets a hearty WTF.

Great Planning Deserves Recognition. Read OAAA Media Awards⇒    Are You Good At OOH Planning?

Planners don’t get a lot of respect. OOH sellers’ praise falls shallow when they are also on the receiving end of the buy. When was the last time you acknowledged a solid plan/buy which didn’t involve you or your company?  Though social media is starting to provide more gratitude to OOH executions, it should be the rule and not an exception.  It’s a thankless job. On Monday, July 23, use your social media to, “Thank an OOH Planner.”

On Monday, July 23, use your social media to Thank an OOH Planner.
Take look at a typical OOH Media Planner job and qualifications description


Client Role

  • Demonstrates strong client service skills, including advanced organization and prioritization skills
  • Fiscally responsible for client media budgets and acts as the main vendor contact
  • Manages client project requests and expectations
  • Ensures all plans and buys adhere to client needs, accuracy and consistency


  • Seeks innovation and integration with all formats of OOH including but not limited to traditional, non traditional, experiential, digital and events
  • Responsible for composing, proofing and ensuring high quality deliverables of media plans
  • Works closely with all members of the team to ensure all aspects of day-to-day projects are being met
  • Collaborates with production and buying teams to ensure smooth implementation of the execution of the plan

Idea Generation

  • Seeks out new opportunities to apply to client needs as well as future client needs
  • Shares new ideas and opinions on industry (news, media, vehicles, etc.)
  • Supports Supervisor and supports the management of day-to-day tasks and projects of Media Coordinators
  • Inspires and encourages team to recommend organic opportunities within the team and accounts
  • Contributes in growth of Coordinators’ knowledge and understanding of industry and trends


  • Maintains strong media partner relationships and abides by media vendor communication standards
  • Demonstrates outstanding in-person, oral and written communication skills


  • 2-3+ years experience in media planning
  • Bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing or related media field
  • Experience in planning across the out-of-home landscape
  • Agency and/or vendor experience preferred
  • Knowledge of media planning across all forms of media and industry
  • Media plan development skills and fine tuning logical writing
  • Excellent communication skills, including written and verbal, relationship skills; proficient use and understanding of English language
  • Excellent knowledge in all media systems and resources including MRI, Adviews, Scarborough, IMS (R/F), SRDS, Nielsen, Arbitron, Map Point and Telmar
  • Mastery in advanced media math
  • Understanding of media terminology and can apply it to media math
  • Develops presentation presence and negotiating skills
  • Independent and self-motivated, yet also team-oriented
  • Must be organized with the ability to multi-task and excel in a fast-moving culture
  • Demonstrates core values, desired competencies and behaviors at all times




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