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Rooftop Ads: Billboards & Airport Ads -They’re Both. They’re Neither

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The New Rooftop Platform Has Sky-High Potential

by Jordan Tannenbaum
FlyBy Ads



“Ladies and gentlemen, please put up your tray tables and place your seat backs in the—HOLY SH**”

As if you needed another reason to disregard a flight attendant’s “thrilling” safety shhpeal, OOH newcomer FlyBy Ads is giving airline passengers something more exciting to focus on—rooftop advertisements.

The concept of #rooftopsignage is not new. A traditional rooftop ad is painted directly onto the roof membrane, often displaying the logo of the company owning the building. This paint installation has proven to be extremely costly, somewhat permanent, and harmful to the roof’s surface.  With a company mission to “Turn Ordinary Extraordinary,” FlyBy Ads has created rooftop sign systems that are big, bold, easily interchangeable and perfect for running ads of all term lengths, from four weeks to four years. Be it welcoming guests to a convention or pushing a national branding campaign, FlyBy Ads’ rooftop advertisements creates just the kind of buzz and awe any campaign is looking for.

The system is also more cost-effective than ever before, generating CPMs on par with alternative #OOH platforms but garnering much higher brand recall. Impressions are based on real-time flight pattern data that accounts for a plane’s exact position in relation to FlyBy’s rooftop inventory, as well as how many passengers sit on the correct side of the plane. An active sign display installed by FlyBy Ads in the Atlanta market is currently receiving close to 750,000 impressions each month. That’s a lot of eyeballs(1.5 million, to be exact) on these larger-than-life signs.

Shot taken from a passenger flying over FlyBy’s rooftop sign in Atlanta, GA.
Drone footage showing close proximity of flights passing over FlyBy’s rooftop sign in Atlanta, GA.
Co Founders Jack Delehey and Jordan Tannenbaum

It was three years ago that four of those eyeballs, belonging to Co-founders Jordan Tannenbaum and Jack Delehey, were staring out of their airplane window on their weekly flight to a consulting project site. Sparing details, that moment turned into years of research, phone calls, emails, coffee meetings, media pitches, and a whole lot of fun. That moment on the plane marked the founding of FlyBy Ads and the mission to “Turn Ordinary Extraordinary,” but Tannenbaum and Delehey’s lives crossed paths long before at Vanderbilt University, where they became close friends and eventually business partners. The duo is set on becoming the go-to firm for all things rooftop advertising. If you’re thinking about elevating your OOH game, these are your guys.




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