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Best Outdoor Advertising Creative this Week

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Dallas Mavericks 3 Pointers Abound with OUTFRONT Media #OOH

Best #OOH creative

which came to our attention last week

Send us your OOH Creative for next week’s post

Creative team at Marquee developed this exciting creative to kick off the Sacramento King’s Basketball season. It’s a great example of how traditional OOH can still be very Impactful! Marquee Media
No “mystere” here. Transit Advertising Works. #OOH #VectorMedia #doubledeckerbus


In Cuba, bats are considered lucky. When Don Amalia Bacardi spotted fruit bats in the distillery – she insisted that a bat should appear on every bottle. #OOH #bacard #projectoutdoor
From NY with Love. #NYDN
Daily Ritual = Daily Exposure.
Coffee Sleeve Advertising – Over an 80% recall rate.
An independent study found that Over 55% of respondents indicated they pay the same or more attention to Coffee Cup Sleeve Advertising than other forms of Out Of Home Advertising.
Encompass Media Group has a network of over 50,000 exclusive locations national

Wrapify is a NO-BRAINER in markets with limited or confined OOH… but how bout this for TRULY cutting through all the clutter in NYC. CheapOair.com Wrapify #OOH
What can top Mac and Cheese? Panera Mac and Cheese with Bacon! Shout out to our friends for making the MAC STACK come to life! Panera Bread is really doing some great OOH Creative!




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