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large budget advertiser in need of transit ads

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Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Let’s jump in and discover the hottest topics from the week here … 


OOH in the Keystone State
Our trusted Cohort @Swing Enabled stopped in to ask about the biggest OOH marketing agencies in Pennsylvania. What do you think? Full Thread Here>>>


a message from Movia


And Now, For Inventory in Ohio
Large budget advertiser in need of transit ads in Columbus, Ohio area ASAP. Bus stops/shelters, bus interiors/exteriors, etc. Anyone have good contacts with available inventory? Full Thread Here>>>

More and More RFPs FTW
Good news report from our Cohort @January Fan. Is anyone else seeing such a huge uptick in RFPs the past two days? I had three last-minute proposals due by EOD today with several others from earlier this week. Full Thread Here>>>

OOH OG Profile Wows the Channel
Cohort @Kind Optimal shared a profile story of Richard Schaps, CEO of Van Wagner with the following commentary: Dude is a rock star. Full Thread Here>>>

Lead Wall
Do you know Texas? Got this inquiry:  Is there a lot of OOH opportunity in Austin? Full Thread Here>>>

Shipping contacts in this thread: Does anyone happen to know the agency that handles OOH for UPS and/or Fedex? TIA! Full Thread Here>>>

Sales Strategy
Our Cohort @Kind Optimal shared an article from Emarketer and the debate continues … is programmatic really the future of OOH? The article said “Programmatic OOH … will account for just 2.2% of total OOH ad spending.” Thanks for the post. Full Thread Here>>>

Let’s Close This Out
Q4 Grind Time, Cohooters! Where are the last-minute Q4 national buys going to come from? Add your 2 cents. Full Thread Here>>>

Comparisons Don’t Help, Says Cohort
As an industry, we need to stop saying that our media is on the same playing field as all other media channels, says our Cohort @Insert Avatar. It’s a disservice to our industry, and frankly confuses clients when they actually experience the process – from how it’s bought, to the lack of data and reporting. Full Thread Here>>>

Can You Help With This Question?
Looking for any info on healthcare open enrollment, Q4. Are you seeing a lot of RFPs? Full Thread Here>>>

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