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Billboard Boats Prohibited by NY State Legislature

NY State Legislature Prohibits Boats Operating a Digital Billboard Board

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Perhaps the Grinch spoke too soon. Maybe some New Yorkers get him

New York Legislature Orders
Floating Billboards Out of the Water

The NY State legislature passed a prohibition on floating billboards in all navigable waters in the state.  See Bill here⇒(S6541-A/A8290-B)   State Legislature Passes Ban on Floating Billboards

According to the office of NY State Senator Brad Hoylman, the new law, prohibits boats from “operating, anchoring or mooring” in all the state’s waterways “while operating a billboard that uses flashing, intermittent or moving lights.” That appears to be ‘lights out’ or digital sign out, for water-based multi-media companies who navigate digital billboard boats on the Hudson River in NYC.

But wait, reading the actual Bill, which was passed in NY Senate and Assembly, it does provide an allowance for localities to adopt local laws to expressly restrict or prohibit or expressly authorize within 1500 feet from the shore. Is this, “subject to the localities stance on outdoor advertising signage on vessels,” the life preserver to keep the billboard boats afloat?  NY Gov Cuomo has yet to sign the bill.

In March of this year, the city sued Ballyhoo Media, for creating a “public nuisance.” A Manhattan federal judge gave an order barring the company from operating within 1,500 feet of the city’s shore.

At 1,500 feet that kills effectively kills readability of any billboard, water born or otherwise.





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