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Buntin Train Arrives on New Tracks in Nashville

New HQ

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The Buntin Group, parent of Buntin Out of Home Media, which is the long time OOH buying agency of record for Cracker Barrel, among others, moved to new HQ offices last week.  After over two years in the making, the Railyard District office is now open.  

While OOH Today received an invitation to attend, the timing landed squarely on our vacation week and were unable to make it. Our friends at Geopath attended and wrote this wonderful post. Which we have reposted in its entirety below for you.  



The Buntin Group:
New HQ in the Railyard District


by Kym Frank, President, Geopath

Last week, Dylan Mabin (Geopath, SVP, Product) and I traveled to Nashville for some meetings with Geopath Board Member, Mark Young, (Buntin Out-of-Home Media, EVP, Managing Director).  As the development of the new Geopath measurement system closes in on completion, Jon Carmack (Buntin, EVP, Operations and Technology) and Kenny Dorr (Buntin, Senior Systems Engineer) have been instrumental in helping us maximize the functionality of our API.  The organization owes them a huge thank you for being such amazing beta testers!

API stands for Application Programming Interface.  It is essentially a process that allows two applications to “speak to each other.”  In this case, it allows Buntin’s software, Geotrak, to pull data directly out of the Geopath Insights Suite.

The visit wasn’t all just protocol and procedure.  Once the day’s work was done, there was a big reason to celebrate – The Buntin Group’s brand new office.  Not only is the office in Nashville’s Railyard District, it is actually housed in a 100 year-old retired train maintenance shed.  The first thing you see upon walking in the door of their new office is a bowl full of railroad spikes.  I was told that each was hand-cleaned and sanded by Jeffrey Buntin Jr. who then hand-painted the names of each employee himself.

bowl full of railroad spikes

Hanging above the bowl is a wall mural which reads:
You know the thing about trains? They’re gritty, but romantic.  They rock you side-to-side, but also pull  you forward.  They take your imagination places it’s never been before, but always hit all the cool stops along the way.  You know what else about trains?  It takes a unique engine to keep ‘em running, to lay down the tracks, and to move people, goods and freight along those tracks once they’ve been laid.  Kind of like big ideas.  That’s what we do here.  That’s who we are.

L to R: Stephanie Coleman, Chief Growth Officer at the Nashville Chamber of Commerce with ribbon half, Jeffrey Buntin Jr., CEO Buntin Group, cuts the ribbon celebrating the new office. Erin Halpin, Buntin VP, Chief Community Officer and Jeffrey Buntin Sr., Founder Buntin Group, far right with ribbon.

The agency celebrated the new location on June 18th along with hundreds of family, friends, clients, and partners. The party included live music, amazing sliders, and even featured a bar on an actual train car. As patio lights lit up the train tracks, there was an amazing energy to the whole evening. It was an energy both supplied by the location, but also the people.

“I think the revolution we’re experiencing is a special combination of our timeless values as an agency and an intentional embrace of new talents and energies that are essential in bringing maximum value to clients,” says EVP and Managing Director, Mark Young.

Congratulations to our friends at The Buntin Group!  Photos from the event are below.

Railroad themed offices
Left to right, Mark Young, Buntin Out-of-Home Media, Janelle Slawson (Cracker Barrel), Rachel Roger, Kelly Rome and John Miller Lamar
Yours truly getting onto the train car.






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