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OOH At the DPAA Global Summit in NYC Today

Top 4 Reasons Why the DPAA Summit is Superior to the 'other OOH conferences'

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Barry Frey, President CEO DPAA
message for Lindmark Ink

by Brent Baer, Publisher, OOH Today

OOH Today attends all of the relevant OOH Conferences in the States.  If it’s about OOH, we are there. If it’s a conference not about OOH, you will not see us feeding at the expense account boondoggle bosom scrambling and scribbling to convince you how relevant and important the event actually is, not.

Which brings us to the DPAA Global Summit taking place today.  Here are a few of the real stand out differences from what the DPAA ‘Conference’ Summit offers attendees and what all the others sadly, do not.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should be in NYC for the DPAA Summit

  1. Generous time and environment to network. For example, break one in the AM today, is for 45 minutes. That is significantly more generous than any of the ‘other’ OOH related conferences.
  2. Comfortable access to Vendors who are located immediately outside the ‘Conference Hall’ doors. No long walk. Food and drink right there as well, with more than enough areas to camp and network with fellow attendees. The IBO which I attended last week in Indianapolis, recognizes the immense value of networking at a conference. IBO runs a close second in this important category.
  3. Presence of OOH Agencies and Brand Leaders. Make no mistake about it. Barry Frey and Crew load, no, they overload, the dais and agenda with Top Brands and Agencies at the event. The number one complaint I have heard most often after every OAAA / Geopath/TAB (look it up) OOH Conference, beginning with the first I attended in 1981? (Yes I know you were not born in ’81). It bears repeating; NOT enough clients (brands/agencies). DPAA aces, as in 4 of a kind, this critical area of providing the ‘right people’ attending, speaking and access to.

Last night while attending the exclusive VIP Dinner which is held pre DPAA Summit every year, I had the distinct privilege of sitting with and next to, the top Marketing/Media folks from Assembly, Brooks, and Google. And yes you know me, we talked business. OOH business.  There were many other top brands and agencies represented at the dinner. See the link below for presenters.

The DPAA hosted a fabulous dinner with speakers celeb and otherwise. Barry Frey loves to show his hosting talents, I swear the guy should be on network TV, and conducted a dynamic interview with journalist, BBC World Chief Presenter, Sumi Somaskanda.

It was an evening to remember.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the event today.

Click below for the agenda. Which includes an unparalleled roster of CMOs and leaders from McDonald’s, Google, PepsiCo, Brooks Running, Mastercard, Assembly Worldwide, Esprit and others—

For agenda, directions and more information: https://www.dpaasummit.com/global/

The DPAA typically releases videos of speakers post conference in weeks to follow. Wish everyone did so. Watch for them in our newsletter. We will release when they become available.

Oh, for those of you keeping count, here’s Top Reason Number 4—

4. Sharing post conference videos.  Another plus for DPAA hosted event.


See you tomorrow: DPAA Global Summit | View website




To Brent Baer

See You Tomorrow at the DPAA Global Summit




You have been registered to attend the DPAA Global Summit tomorrow October 10, 2023.

A badge will be waiting for you at Pier Sixty when doors open at 7:30am[EST] on October 10th — Please note new start time. Show up early to enjoy breakfast and networking.

Don’t forget this year we are bringing back the Puppy Play Pen in our outdoor DPAA Café, so show up on time for a full day of keynotes, networking and fun. 


For agenda, directions and more information: https://www.dpaasummit.com/global/


With an unparalleled roster of CMOs and leaders from McDonald’s, Google, PepsiCo, Brooks Running, Mastercard, Assembly Worldwide, Esprit and others— Industry titans will be sharing invaluable insights, strategies, and perspectives to help us navigate the ever-changing media and marketing plus Retail Media landscapes.

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