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OOH Agency Today—IPNY

Small agency in the big city.

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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

As you may have guessed from its name, IPNY is an advertising agency based in the OOH hotbed known as New York City. While they may be a small agency in a big pond, IPNY uses their dual weapons of strategy and ‘persuasion’ to get the clients the answers they want.

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The Basics: IPNY combines a big city with small size—their 7 LinkedIn-registered employees grow businesses “creatively and measurably” in the heart of New York. They specialize in healthcare, finance, and every sort of nonprofit, but are open to other categories of marketing. Since their founding in 2012, IPNY has been all about working smarter. They record and scrutinize well-kept data at every step of their campaign, both to continue honest conversations about their performances and to showcase evidence of their effective, clear-cut results to the next client.

Clients: Speaking of clients—IPNY has done work for Regeneron, The American Committee for The Weizmann Insitute of Science, the YMCA, the First Amendment Museum, and much more. Clients know they can count on IPNY for bringing that special touch of the personal to one of the world’s biggest cities.

IPNY’s ‘Forever Thirteen’ campaign for PBS 13.

Campaign Standout: IPNY’s campaign for television station PBS 13 stands out for more reasons than just some famous faces and a brilliant shade of yellow. When PBS asked IPNY to help with building on their annual summer fundraising drive, the agency delivered by targeting New Yorkers with a multilevel OOH strategy combining billboards, kiosk ads, and DOOH.

Not only did these multiple tiers of Out-of-Home emphasize a feeling of variety. ’Thirteen Forever’ also underscored to audiences all over New York just how much PBS has offered the public over the years. The faces of iconic PBS stars like Bob Ross, Mister Rogers, Julia Child, and Tony Bennett decorated backdrops across the Big Apple. In a city where people come from just about anywhere and everywhere, these faces were still recognized by just about everyone who grew up with a television set: a reminder of the true power of PBS to not only reach the public, but also bring them together. IPNY knew they didn’t have to dig deep into PBS to surface with a successful campaign. By keeping things simple but true to the brand, IPNY was able to give PBS 13 one of the most successful campaigns in their long history.

The Bottom Line: We often have automatic expectations for an agency with initials ending in ‘NY.’ But IPNY is a refreshing break in the typical stereotype. It’s not only a small-sized agency, but also a personal one.

This personal feeling is driven by a deep commitment to strategy. At IPNY, ‘persuasion’ is the name of the game—and persuading customers to get onboard with their client’s brand is only a matter of strategy. What are your goals for your brand? How do you want to get there? If you ask IPNY these questions, rest assured: they’ll take it from there.

To hear more about IPNY, visit their website here.

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