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A Sure Fire Way to Increase Effectiveness of OOH Ads

Electroluminescence March 31 A Blue Moon Rising

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Light Tape

photo credit Light Tape, Clear Channel Outdoor NYC bulletin with Electroluminescent Ink

Light Tape, a UK company, Distributor of Light Tape EL Tape, Panels and Animated Signage.Light Tape recently shared a post on their selective backlit advertising system which integrates their electroluminescent technology into creative with the ability to sequence illumination exactly as desired.

With applications as thin as a credit card to include such OOH uses as Branding Campaigns, Point of Sale & Bus Shelter Advertising, Banner Stands & Trade Shows, Billboard & Mobile Advertising, Entertainment and Sporting Events, Night Clubs and Bars, Hotels, Casinos, Concerts, Cinemas and Kiosks, the product is very versatile in use.

The example, using a Blue Moon campaign in the video above, Light Tape panels can be customized so selective areas of the ad are backlit and animate in sequence. Obviously, adding light as demonstrated in the video, can be more effective than without.  The Blue Moon ad is sequenced slowly to illuminate the copy, glass and bottle at separate times.

You may have to check with your lease team and municipality for legality.  On second thought, better to ask forgiveness than permission.  It looks great.  View the 23 second video below.

OOH Today had experience in the middle 2000’s with electroluminescence on a rather large-scale with bus sides and bulletins.  Using electroluminescent vinyl for a large National realty company, the creative, particularly the balloon really jumped off the face at night.  It was great effect.  And with the bus sides, since there was no illumination for bus sides, the wire which ran underneath the bus to the engine served the energy needs to power the ‘light.’  One slight problem. The billboard caught on fire.  Not a barn burner or billboard scorched to the ground kind of fire. But a smoldering, where there is smoke, there must be fire, kind of burning.  (Have you ever tried to burn a vinyl face?  Its been years since i tried to set one on fire to learn its flammability first hand.  It did not burn very well or readily)

The ‘smoking realty billboards’ did not bode well for the Minneapolis based supplier, who has since reported those problems have been solved. All the bulletins came down. Buses stayed up.

Luckily, through the shrewd negations of our buying team, we were covered with a tight refundable clause which fully reimbursed the client for any failure.  We were very concerned about the light functioning properly and no one dreamed they would catch on fire.

Our advise, perform your due diligence when using Electroluminescence.  It looks great and was affordable.  Make sure it works as advertised.

Read the full post featured in LinkedIn click here ⇒ Director of Light Tape Mike Hardcastle.



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