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Octopus’s Garden

OOH …Here’s One Thing —

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OOH …Here’s One Thing  



by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company



Octopus’s Garden


I’d like to be
Under the sea
In an octopus’ garden
In the shade

We would shout
And swim about
The coral that lies
Beneath the waves
(Lies beneath the ocean waves)

Oh what joy
For every girl and boy
Knowing they’re happy
And they’re safe
(Happy and they’re safe)


Okay Johnsen, did you lose your coconut or did you just miss the memo?  You are supposed to be getting us inspired to conquer 2021.  Well boys and girls, I thought it would be important to sum up 2020 for you before we moved on to 2021.  Not sure if anyone else can relate, but man if there ever was a time in my life when I wished I could find that Octopus’s garden it was 2020.  Hard for me to find the words to capture the calamity, the tragedy, the anger and the sadness of the year.  My first post of 2020 (not that I would expect you to remember it) was all about finding a new resolution for each month of the year (https://oohtoday.com/takin-care-of-business/).  I started out pretty well on this course and by mid March it all went to shit.    

Any who, “a stiff upper lip and upwards and onwards” as the Brits say (watch “Patrick Melrose” on Showtime for more on that front).  As to inspiration for 2021, I would highly recommend the documentary “My Octopus Teacher” on Netflix.  Johnsen, seriously, a story about a relationship between a man and an octopus, inspirational?  Well, actually yes my good man.  It’s true that it’s about a relationship between a man and an octopus but it’s much more.  It’s about getting outside your comfort zone (the guy swims in 48 degree water everyday…without a wetsuit), it’s about drowning out the noise (when is the last time you spent an hour without your phone), it’s about being fully being present in the moment (okay that’s a little woo woo, but I challenge you to say “I don’t get it” after watching this movie), it’s about fully taking stock and then OWNING what is important in your life, it’s about dogged determination, it’s about solitude and last but not least, it’s about being a good parent.  In addition, I might have to go back and give it a second go because I am sure there are a few lessons I missed.  How’s that for 2021 inspiration?  

To lead us out into 2021, I thought I would end with these 4 hopes: 1. The damn vaccine actually works,
2. We remind ourselves often (as in VERY) that at the end of the day we are all American, 3. The OAAA/TAB conference does not get cancelled and 4. We convince the younger generation that Zoom is not a permanent solution.  

Look forward to seeing you out there.


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