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Bager leads OAAA to Cannes with Bounteous Leadership Appearances

OAAA Releases Cannes Schedule

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OAAA celebrates creativity’s most prominent event with inspiring programming and networking with senior leaders, including CEO Anna Bager taking the stage all week. Scroll to see what’s on tap, and you can find the full schedule here.

Tuesday, June 21 @ 9 AM: Panel & Breakfast at MediaLink Beach

MediaLink events are legendary at Cannes, and this breakfast and panel discussion focuses on why OOH is more creative, accountable, culturally relevant—and effective—than ever.

Wednesday, June 22 @ 4:30 PM: Future Gazers on Ownership, Social Shopping and Purpose-Driven Brands

Anna Bager leads a future-forward discussion on three critical areas in marketing and how leaders in the space, including Twitter, are looking at our world and industry 18 months from now.

Thursday, June 23 @ 4:30 PM: Future Gazers on Loyalty, Gaming in the Metaverse and Cultural Trends

Anna Bager digs in with three leaders, including Google, who are pressing toward a horizon quickly approaching the industry related to consumer behavior. 

Thursday, June 23 @ 7 PM: Cannes Thursday Night Dinner Club

OAAA wraps up the week by celebrating the world’s most extraordinary creativity, including honoring Adweek’s Ukrainian special-edition editorial team attending the festival. A master sommelier’s rosé tastings, classic French food, and a remarkable view in partnership with McKinney make for a VIP-worthy end of the week.

If you’re with us in France, we’ll see you soon. If not, stay tuned for recaps on OAAA’s week in Cannes.

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  1. […] 1. Bager leads OAAA to Cannes […]

  2. […] 1. Bager leads OAAA to Cannes […]

  3. Noone says

    Why is our American organization going to France, again? Please explain how that drives our revenue. Seriously doubt anyone can actually quantify this.

  4. For the advertisers contact and exposure?

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