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Nothing Can Do What OOH Can Do

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Nothing Can Do What OOH Can Do


As people, we persist. We endeavor forward. It’s an evolutionary imprint lodged deep in the limbic core of our brains. The going concern of OOH media is a reflection of this intent — our Pavlovian need to rise, change, engage and consume. As a result, our medium is the messenger of this instinct out on the streets.

The societal velocity and momentum created by OOH are proof of a human developmental bias towards singular imagery. Our brains simply love the speed and efficiency of seeing and processing what’s in front of us. This hardwired condition becomes even more acute when we leave the safety of our home habitats and venture into the world. We look for dominant visual moments as guideposts.

Especially now. People are scanning for signals of what’s next in a post-COVID-19 landscape. OOH provides its voice as a massive public canvas for securing a leadership position and building confidence. More than ever, brands have an abundant medium at the ready to stir the pot during what promises to be a period of collective exuberance.

And, OOH is sticky enough to carry the weight. Visuality preceded language which contributed to how our brains have formed over millennia, and more important, visuals are bluntly easier for us to remember. What’s more, they create neurologically emotional outcomes.

Think about it. The more alert we are, the more we crave visuals for information. We often “look” to verify what we think we’ve heard. The phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it” rings true as we quickly turn words into pictures in order to remember things. This is tremendously powerful for OOH as we literally own the word “out.”

Our bias towards visuals pulls the tree from the forest. Manifesting and mastering the OOH spotlight makes brands impossible to deny. The evidence is in; nothing can do what OOH can do.

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