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Kym Frank the ShowWoman of the OOH Conference 2019

This is Not Another Boring Talk on OOH Data!

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The Data Party that Brought the House In

Ask any one who speaks for a living, they will tell you, there are ideal times to speak and not so ideal times to address a crowded venue of nearly 1200.

Not so ideal times:

  • Immediately, following a great speaker.
  • After lunch. Blood leaves brain for stomach and sleepy time drifts in.
  • After any break. Morning. Afternoon.
    Getting everyone back in and on time. Revitalizing the attendees and refocused.
    The break where everyone leaves and stands outside the Expo Hall’s closed doors talking
    until 11 AM or later.  

At 10:45 AM the 30 minute Coffee Break was over.

Not so surprisingly the next speaker, Kym Frank, Geopath President, had little issue in prompting the crowd to return after break.

One of the strengths of Kym Frank, is her passion and ability to get your attention when you may not want to give it. Obtaining your interest to what OOH has to data speak.
Frank must create inclusiveness for OOH measurement whether we are interested or not.

Here is the thing, commanding your attention to data and OOH Measurement is tough.  Oh, admit it, some of you would rather scrape the old paper off a 30 sheet in middle of the winter or others complete 125 lines of a spread sheet with 32 columns for an RFP than listen to another report on OOH measurement.  

Who really cares about measurement?  We all should… but not always give it the attention it deserves or credit it carries for our industry value

How does she do it?

Like a college basketball pep rally, Kym Frank delivered short bullet points, recognizing our short attention spans and adversity to data, by picking up the room’s energy and attention.

She managed to bring in the break stragglers or skippers, to fill their seats and line the back wall for the real late comers, to see what the racket was with the drum corp and general ‘NOISE’ coming from inside the hall’s doors, which they had just left. The hallway outside the doors were nearly empty. 

The room was revitalized.

How’d she do it?

T-shirts, beach balls, Elvis impersonators. loud obnoxious horns, and drum corp

Spacing her state of Geopath messages. Frank presented a series of speaking stops and starts, layered between disruption and celebration.

Start. Show video interviews of OOH leaders. Stop!

Let’s Party! Loud horn! Cue T-Shirt toss to the audience. Bring out the Drum Corp! Stop!

Start. Shows snippets of new measurement system. Stop!
 Let’s Party! Loud Horn! Bring out the beach balls. Drum Corp. Stop.

Start. Membership growth comments.
Show’s slide of the number of new member’s have doubled.

Let’s party! Loud obnoxious horns. Enter running Elvis impersonators!
Drum corp. Like more cowbell, more horns, beach balls and T-Shirts! stop!

Start. Introduce Futures Council members! Stop!

That’s a reason to party!

Cue drums. Cue t-shirt toss. Toss over-sized beach balls.
Run in Elvis impersonators!

Controlled chaos by the Data Showwoman.

The drums beat fire into the room and captured our attention to Geopath measurement. 

Well done Kym Frank.





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