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North and South —Carolinas’ Conference

Outdoor Advertising Association Annual Convention

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Reporting from the Carolinas’ 2018 OAA Convention

October 17th, Day 2, was the first work day of the joint convention of the North Carolina and South Carolina Outdoor Advertising Associations.

Reporting from the Carolinas’ 2018 OAA Convention at the beautiful Grove Park Inn, the day turned busy quickly with five speakers in six educational sessions, addressing an attentive crowd of 70+ conference attendees.

Chris Clews

Kicking off the morning, first speaker Chris Clews, author of “What 80’s Pop culture Teaches Us About Today’s Workplace,” did just that: Clews shared movie quotes, song lyrics and lines from a book in the 1980’s, tying all of it back to life and preparing us for better understanding in today’s workplace.



Kelly Wirges

Following Clews,  Kelly Wirges of ProMax Training and Consulting. Wirges high energy and experience in media selling provided custom sales techniques for #OOH and the Outdoor attendees.



“word from the Mothership,”

Myron Laible Vice President of State, Local & Regulatory Affairs mlaible@oaaa.org

Introduced as bringing the “word from the Mothership,” OAAA VP of State, Local and Regulatory Affairs and 35 year veteran, Myron Laible took the stage. Myron discussed specific regulatory issues starting with Relocation and Condemnation., the growth of Digital Screens, Smart Cities,  Autonomous Vehicles and much more.

Laible also discussed the work the OAAA has done regarding Digital Lighting Standards, Safety, content concerns, warning labels for certain products and the Cincinnati billboard tax.  The OAAA and Myron have been very busy this year.


Kym Frank, Geopath President and Craig Justus, attorney for The Van Winkle Law Firm, spoke after lunch on OOH: Super-Sized with a Side of Fries and “All Thing Legal,” respectively.

We will be sharing both Frank and Justus comments on Friday the 19th.




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