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Nike and Google Outdoor Hoop Dreams

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NIke HyperCourt 2 logo

Nike Hyper Court overhead view
Overhead photo of 2 courts-go to the link Nike Hyper Basketball Courts

Nike and Google teamed up creating massive ‘full court’ portraits of 5 NBA Stars on five outdoor basketball courts.  The five paintings feature LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook.  Google provided the connectivity and Nike the content for the ‘connected’ basketball courts.  The project is called, Nike Hyper Court. At the five courts, ‘ballers’ can access Nike’s online training programs without using data on their smartphones, with tech powered by Google. Nike says it “eliminates the need for high-speed data connectivity and enables Basketball Jones’ to watch YouTube content on the designated courts.” The training drills take inspiration from James, Durant and Irving.

Nike Hypercourt drones eye view with player on KIrving shoulder
Overhead ‘drone photo’ of player on the court above Irving’s shoulder.

The five courts are visually striking. Each displaying massive-scale portraits by Dallas-based artist Arturo Torres, known for comic-book style drawings of rappers and NBA stars. Read more at Nike Hyper Basketball Courts

For OOH’ers, an idea you can use to create similar massive court portraits on local level with local/regional advertisers.

Nike Hypercourt all 5 courts
Nike all 5 courts

I wonder what my young basketball days would have been like had I had the opportunity to ‘train’ from the drills provided on these inspirational courts.  Nah, I still would have been the short, fat guy who shot and dribbled too much.


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  1. bob says

    You were the star of the dorm tournament back in 72. With out your abilities the team never would have won.

  2. Todd Hansen says

    Great creative , why not take it vertical like a basketball plays . Put this creative on walls .

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