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New Study Released of DOOH’s Effect on Distraction to Safe Driving

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Digital Billboards Can Improve
Driver Awareness and Safety

A recently released study found, Digital Out of Home advertising can improve driver performance.

The study, conducted by independent road safety research institute, the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), on behalf of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) measured driver behavior in the presence of two digital billboards in real-world environments.

Drivers were unaware of the study that captured video data of vehicle movement. Details are in the article, however, spoiler alert, there are no distractions from Digital OOH.

Here is the story for further details⇒OMA study finds digital billboards can improve driver awareness and safety

ARRB principal researcher Dr. Paul Roberts said: “Although we considered the introduction of a digital sign at an intersection would probably reduce driver performance, this study showed that it is sometimes possible for a digital sign at an intersection to operate with no negative impact on driver performance, and even, in some cases, to improve it.”

Outdoor Media Association CEO Charmaine Moldrich stated, “We were already confident that well-designed digital Out of Home signs were safe, but we were surprised to learn that our signs can actually help improve driver performance, probably because they encourage people to look up from in-car distractions.”

According to another Australian study on driving, conducted by the Accident Research Center at Monash University in Melbourne, the greatest distracting elements to drivers? are inside the car.

 if your’e watching road signs and you should be, includes billboards

So, turn down your music. Put away your cell phone. Tell the kids to quiet down and pay attention to your driving, which if you’re watching road signs and you should be, includes billboards. This is too easy.
We need studies for this?




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