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Lamar Comes Out on Top of Trucks and Legislature

Truckers versus Billboards

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This is About Truckers Versus Trial Attorneys and Billboards

Lamar Advertising and the Louisiana legislature or rather a Louisiana legislator by the name of Jack McFarland, R-Jonesboro, got into contentious argument and Lamar came out on top… Firmly on top.

Representative McFarland, wanted a moratorium on billboards, suggesting as a smoke screen, billboards were a distraction. The honorable gentleman from Jonesboro, should be reading OOH Today and he would have known billboards are not a distraction as we posted here⇒ New Study Released of DOOH’s Effect on Distraction to Safe Driving

Lamar rallied enough troops to appear at the legislature committee meeting and likely leveraged appropriate political pressure as needed, (after all, Lamar has been in business in the state of Louisiana since 1902) to kill the bill, in committee. As it should be.

“We all know this is about the truckers versus the trial attorneys.”

The beef appears to be initiated from the trucking industry, who is getting kicked around by trial attorneys who run hundreds of ‘anti-trucker billboards’. Based on McFarland’s estimate of 7,000 billboards in the state and Lamar CEO, Sean Reilly’s statement, “attorneys account for 17% of their business,”  that’s nearly 1,200 ambulance chaser faces. Easy to see why the trucking industry is getting their fannies handed to them. Maybe the trucking industry should start their own marketing campaign against attorneys.  Any question on what media might be most effective?

Reilly goes on to say, “We all know this is about the truckers versus the trial attorneys.”  And the power of OOH, he might have said.  Reilly’s likely making similar closing remarks with the sweet victory at the out of home office in Baton Rouge.

Congrats Lamar Advertising.

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