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Muscle Marketing—OOH Agency Today

Giving ‘thinking outside the box’ a whole new meaning.

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by Sarah Druhan, OOH Today Journalist

Whatever idea for a campaign you’ve got cooking up, it’s pretty much guaranteed: Muscle Marketing already has it down to a science. A unique form of software that allows them to identify the target customer for each of their clients? Check. An actual physical inspection of exposure, read and illumination for each of their outdoor ads before they are sent out into the world? Check. The development of a demographic profile for each and every display they’re a part of? Check. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Muscle Marketing—using every weapon in their arsenal since 2008.

The work of Muscle Marketing often breaks convention—literally.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Out-of-Home is this agency’s specialty. From shopping mall kiosks to blimps to billboards, Muscle Marketing has got a finger in pretty much every pie. They also have been in this rodeo long enough to know how to think outside the box every once in a while. Take the image above, for example—the agency takes their tagline of “Break Free” to the next level by literally ‘breaking’ their billboard in half. And as you can see from their work for Aiken Pest Control pictured below, giant mosquitos’ limbs physically sprawl off of the board, giving the idea of thinking outside the box a whole new meaning. When OOH is a company’s specific specialty, you don’t have to worry about them understanding your specific campaign visions. They know a thing or two about what people like to see in this industry—and rest assured they’re already itching to kick things up a notch.

These larger-than-life insects emphasize this agency’s creativity.

With Muscle Marketing, clients can feel confident knowing they have every tool for success ready at their disposal. This agency combines a wealth of industry knowledge and experience with a painstakingly scientific approach to find target audiences and achieve results. Muscle Marketing exercises their OOH skills every chance they get, endlessly looking for ways to trim the fat from their campaigns—and when you think about it that way, suddenly their name couldn’t make more sense.

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