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Moving OOH Forward via a National Television Audience

The Message —DOOH Provides Quality Safe Environments Critical for Brands

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Barry Frey

From current social media concerns to CES, the path forward for Digital Out of Home Advertising

Liz Claman

The latest Twitter dust up has brought the quality media environments discussion back to the forefront. On a recent episode of  Fox Business’ Claman Countdown, Liz Claman interviewed Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA about his thoughts on the latest news. “It’s critical to provide quality environments for brands…DOOH certainly provides that,” was Frey’s key point. 

Indeed, as it came to light that online algorithms placed brand ads adjacent to terrorist websites a few years ago, the latest round of Twitter news has put much of social media under the microscope. The media world is changing regularly, but out of home and digital out of home continues to grow to and beyond pre-pandemic levels. One key reason is the quality environments the medium provides to brands. You can’t hide in the sunlight and today’s brands have to be more careful about where their messages appear.  

This is nothing short of stellar OOH Industry representation by Barry Frey, securing a timely appearance and espousing the virtues of DOOH via a National Television audience. It is a must watch to take your knowledge and pitch to the next level for OOH. It does not take a great deal of imagination to consider the potential advertisers who viewed and were influenced by this showing of representation for Out of Home. We encourage everyone to share the story today, both directly and via social media with your clients to further the narrative of the timely message. 

View the episode here⇒ https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6314699549112

We would also challenge every ‘leader’ in Out of Home to take similar steps to appearing before ‘other major media’, particularly television broadcast business news, touting Out of Home. Who’s stepping up next? 

DPAA continues to lead the charge by showcasing the growing role of digital out of home advertising in today’s omnichannel world. Brands engage with DPAA’s community of media owners, ad tech providers, content firms, location data companies, hardware, software, research providers and others continuously exposing them to new media choices and opportunities.

This continues in January when they once again host the DPAA CES Experience in Las Vegas. CES is the confluence of media, entertainment and technology and c-level DPAA members will join once again for a three day immersive learning event. The curated experience includes private sessions with leading brands and agencies, floor tours of latest technologies at the Las Vegas Convention center, and networking experiences for exchange of ideas and to foster a sense of community. This DPAA Experience takes the overwhelmingly huge CES and puts a DOOH lens on it to make it actionable for members. From the floor tours, to brand sessions, to curated networking events DPAA educates both membership and the larger advertising community on the growing role of Digital Out of Home Advertising in today’s omnichannel mix.

We are all extremely fortunate to mutually benefit from Frey’s leadership. We welcome your comments and please let him know your appreciation as we have here.
Thank you Barry.

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