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Mile High Outdoor —OOH Owner Today


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OOH Owner Today  —Mile High Outdoor 


by Benny Taubman, OOH TODAY Reporter

Mile High Outdoor was founded in 1996 and owns and operates around 400 billboard displays in the Denver Metro area and throughout the entire state of Colorado. The company offers well-maintained displays in some of the most exclusive and high-traffic areas on Colorado’s busiest highways and roadways. They take lots of pride in their signage and emphasize that their commitment to servicing clients is top-of-the-line. Mile High’s highly-experienced staff has 100 years of combined industry experience and is able to tailor advertising campaigns to fit the demographics of the Colorado market. 

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Being from a state with such a pristine natural environment, Mile High also places a high emphasis on corporate environmental responsibility and sustainability. First off, the company has converted all of its light fixtures to LED, decreasing its electrical consumption by roughly two-thirds. They also use modern digital display technology that has cut electrical consumption by more than 50% compared to older displays. Mile High prints on eco-friendly vinyl that is repurposed from items such as landscape materials, pool liners, and surfboards and breaks down over time in landfills. Additionally, almost all components in the company’s billboards, such as steel, ladders, and bulbs, are recycled or repurposed.



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