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Marijuana Ad Spend Up 23% in the US Overall; 84% is OOH

Fast Fact Friday and 4.20 Today

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Kantar: Marijuana Ad Spend Up 23% in the US:
84% is OOH

It’s not Friday, and last Friday’s Fast Facts were on vacation.
Looks like we missed 4.20 also. This information came across our desk yesterday.

For you who are so inclined, here are a fast facts complements of
DADDI Brand Communications and Kantar to bake after you have sparked up.

Marijuana Ad Spend

In cities/states where marijuana is legalized, marijuana advertising is increasing and driving spend on local media, according to data from Kantar which looked at ad spend from 2017 through 2018.

In fact, spend on marijuana advertising is up 150% in Denver, 100% in Las Vegas and 600% in Los Angeles. Phoenix also saw a jump in spend from $0 in 2017 to $100,000 in 2018.

Overall, spend on marijuana advertising went up 23% YOY.

Highlighted findings from Kantar include:

  • Most marijuana ads are for dispensaries and shops
  • And most are billboards—outdoor advertising makes up 84% of total advertising, up 25% YOY
  • By channel:
    • Spot TV and local magazines are up about 1,000%
    • Internet display and mobile web are up 200%
    • Newspaper ads for marijuana are down 50%

Time for a quick science lesson:
Cannabis enhances neural activity in the frontal cortex of your brain, which is essentially command central. It handles everything from attention and problem solving, to personality and temperament.

To enlightened selling!




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