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Look Mom! I Won a JOB!

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Vita Coco Announces Contest Winner w/ Billboard Message to Winner’s Mom in Times Square

Vita Coco Coconut Water launched a design contest by agency Interesting Development, for young aspiring creatives looking for a job in an impossible job market, and is announcing the winner who has scored a designer position at the brand by portraying the winner’s work on a Times Square billboard along with a message to the winner’s mom:

OOH Today covered Finish the Billboard and the Best Design Wins A Job on September 28 when the opportunity was announced. Here is the follow up to that design contest. This is a wonderful feel good story. The kind we love to share.

Dear Tyler’s Mom, Congrats.
Your Son Won Our Design Contest. He Now Has a Job.
You Can Stop Worrying About Him. Sincerely, Vita Coco

Vita Coco’s media partners, Alchemy and Clear Channel Outdoor, gave the brand free OOH media space to showcase their work.

The top 10 finalists’ designs will also be featured on wild postings throughout New York City and Los Angeles, with the finalists’ personal websites, Instagram channels, a QR code to their portfolios and a note to HIRE THEM TODAY, to give them a chance for their work to be seen and their talent to be discovered.

Vita Coco was able to recruit a diverse group of talented designers from around the country – from CA, to UT, to VA, to ID, to NY, to SC – through this billboard campaign.

Below is an image of the Times Square billboard and Tyler’s winning design featured in Times Square. We hope to share a live image of the design Monday.

Clear Channel Outdoor

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  1. Sandy says

    Well done!

  2. Tyler Pate says

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s such an honor to work with Vita Coco and to see this up in NYC.

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