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Lindmark Ink is once again shaking up the large format digital printing industry.  For this go ‘round, Ink is publishing its rates so they will be completely transparent and apply to all customers.  Lindmark Ink’s sister company Lindmark Billboards began publishing its billboard rates on its website back in 2011, because it wanted to make the buying process easier for its customers.  No longer would a customer be subject to the whim of a salesperson trying to negotiate the highest rate.  Having rate transparency puts the power back into the customer’s hands.  Now, Lindmark Ink is following suit by publishing its printing rates because transparency establishes trust which leads to happy, long-term relationships.

If you’re a mom-and-pop billboard company, how do you know if you’re receiving the same printing rate as an international ad agency?  Well, if you use Lindmark Ink you’ll know because its rates are shown in the below graphics.  With rates as low as $0.34 per square foot, when you print with Lindmark Ink, you’ll know that you’re getting the same great deal as all of its other customers, from its largest ad agencies to its smallest one-off “Happy Birthday” banner customer and everyone in between.

In addition to its transparent pricing, remember to contact Lindmark Ink today via email to sales@lindmarkink.com or call Greg Stewart at 407-576-6922 to take advantage of the FREE VINYL and FREE SHIPPING at Lindmark Ink’s industry fastest 24-hour turnaround time from artwork approval.  Once again, you’re welcome!

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