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Let’s Take a Position On COVID Crisis OOH Impressions

How is the virus affecting the audience delivery?

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Let’s Take a Position
On COVID Crisis OOH Impressions




by Jack Sullivan, 
OOH Media Advisor, Consultant






Sellers sell impressions and buyers buy impressions.  Advertising is about pitching your ad message to people (impressions).  Even to those who say “we don’t buy impressions we buy signs that are in the right area” … okay, but you’re still purchasing impressions for those who say we buy “locations”.  Buying “locations” with no impressions just doesn’t work.  

We can learn a lesson from the daily reports on the Coronavirus.  Just like all the news we see with curves going up and down regarding folks who’ve contracted the virus … those going up as the virus spreads and then down the curve as the transmission decreases … these curves tell us a story.  Where were we at the beginning? How fast is it spreading? When did we peak out? And when did we start seeing decreases in cases? (and the curve tells us the speed of all these cases in every state). 

Same with charting out the delivery of impressions for OOH.  What were we delivering pre-virus?  How were our impressions going down as the virus was ramping up?  When did we hit rock bottom with the delivery of impressions?  When did impressions start to come back?  Where is the trending going?  How soon to full recovery?  

Advertisers, who want to purchase OOH, are asking my buying friends , ‘How is the virus affecting the audience delivery?’  Crickets and shrugged shoulders.  This is not good.  Advertisers don’t mind spending money in a medium that has declined in audience but they need audience data.  Without the data, OOH won’t be considered.  Advertisers aren’t going to be duped.  Of course, the data will suggest lower rates; but isn’t that expected?   

This isn’t going away.  At least not for months … the end of the year?  Longer?  What is our position on this?  Aren’t we trying to build trust among our advertiser friends? 

Let’s face reality; share the data, lower our prices, and sell some advertising.  We’re fooling no one.      

 Jack Sullivan, 
OOH Media Advisor, Consultant




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  1. John MCMenamin says

    Well stated…be proactive, answer the markets questions before they are asked, explain the value proposition, develop trust in a new environment and Sell Some Ads on a new currency…Broadcast and cable have been selling lower audience delivery successfully for years.

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    Exactly John M! Spot on! Thank you.

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