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Lamar’s Reilly joins WOO Board

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Sean Reilly

Just last month we reported Lamar Advertising joining the World Out of Home Organization or WOO ⇒ Lamar Joins WOO —Is Lamar signaling growth outside of North America? Completing the trifecta for WOO with membership of the Big 3 gives WOO greater status in the States, North America and Worldwide.

This week WOO announced Lamar President and CEO Sean Reilly has joined the WOO board.

WOO President Tom Goddard said, “Sean will certainly make an impact on WOO with his vast experience and strong views on how the global OOH industry needs to develop. He will make a valuable contribution to the WOO board.”

OOH Today will watch with anticipation the contributions and impact WOO gains with Reilly’s and the Big 3’s membership and keep you informed as they occur.

President and Executive Chairman
  • Tom Goddard, United Kingdom (2015)


  • Martin Corke, UK (2020)
  • Anna Bager, USA (2020)
  • Guillermo De Lella, Argentina (2019) 
  • Katrin Robertson, Germany (2018)
  • Leon Taviansky, United Kingdom (2018)
  • Daniel Hofer, Switzerland (2017)
  • Noomi Mehta, India (2017)
  • Jeremy Male, USA (2016)
  • Brendon Cook, Australia (2015)
  • Christian Schmalzl, Germany (2014)
  • Antonio Vincenti, Lebanon (2008)

Lifetime Ambassadors

  • Stefano Gennari Litta, Italy
  • John Ellery, UK (2004)

Honorary members

  • Karl-Erik Linden, Sweden

General Secretary

  • Mark Flys, United Kingdom (2011)

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