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Taking Crypto to Market with Out of Home

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OOH and Crypto, where traditional meets the unknown

by Casey Binkley, CEO at Movia Media

“When will Doge hit 1 dollar”  has been one of the top searches in the last two years. While it’s uncertain when or how much crypto coin will go up, one thing we can count on is it bringing a change to the OOH advertising industry.

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Still a relatively new concept, Crypto brands have taken to the streets to market these non traditional forms of exchange. In fact, billboards have been their go to media choice for a number of reasons. According to the Forbes article, Crypto.com spent $100 million on a campaign that ran in more than 20 countries, using OOH to create both fear of missing out, and a sense of trust and credibility to consumers using this traditional, safe space.

On the other hand, online platforms have banned the use of direct advertising of alt-coins considering the volatile nature of the industry. And celebrities have come under fire for not stating that the alt coins they have been promoting were paid ads. This is another reason billboards have been the go to option for those looking to market their crypto wares. As of now some of the biggest crypto companies who have been spotted on billboards are FTX, Binance, and Fantom.

Meta has also hinted towards the future of metaverse and Decentralized Finance. OOH advertising will surely play a major role in creating awareness here, but for now, only time will tell how the collaboration of these two worlds will lead to new technologically creative campaigns.



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