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Know Your Internet Browser —10 Years of Internet Market Share

How Old Are the Largest Tech Companies?

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10 Years of Internet Market Share

Sometimes we take a break from OOH stories and share some of the ‘fun’ posts we run across.
The 2 items below tell their own stories. 

First, the video graphic is an amazing visual to the growth of the Internet Browsers. After the video, scroll down to see the age of 12 top tech companies.  You will be surprised just how long many of them have been around. Enjoy.

How old are tech companies?
Amazon: 25 years
eBay: 24 years
Yahoo: 24 years
Netflix: 22 years
Google: 21 years
SpaceX: 17 years
Tesla: 16 years
Facebook: 15 years
Twitter: 13 years
Airbnb: 11 years
Pinterest: 10 years
Uber: 10 years




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