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JCDecaux and KFC Try Leg Up Over Local Chicken Restaurant

Kentucky Fried Chicken Crosses the Line

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photo credit 7News Melbourne 7News.com.au

Kentucky Fried Chicken Crosses the Line
Chicken restaurant, Chicken Central,  Roasts Over KFC Poster On the Side Of His Shop


Alright, all puns aside, the owner of a local takeout chicken shop, Chicken Central, is dumbfounded after the billboard on the side of his store was posted with copy advertising for a newly opened KFC restaurant down the road.

The billboard message, “KFC only 800 metres away. Bucket. Why Not?”

The billboard is reportedly owned by JCDecaux.  Decaux surely knows better than to post a competitive product in such proximity. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 5.16.34 pm
Chicken Central owner, Jim Halley

Says Chicken Central management, “I just don’t understand how KFC or any other brand that sells chicken …wants to come and put their billboard (billboard ad) on our building.”

After it was notified, the new KFC franchisee located down the street requested the ad be removed by the end of the week.







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