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It’s Time to Shop- Experiential Marketing Style 

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It’s Time to Shop- Experiential Marketing Style 

Ever heard the expression shop till you drop? Well, that is true for consumers all around the world! The holidays are quickly approaching and people are ready for the deals. A CNBC study shows 36% of shoppers intend to SPEND 7-9% MORE than they did in 2020. Wanna know the reason why? Because they physically get to go back to the stores! So what does this mean for you? Well, it’s time to UP YOUR MARKETING GAME. A very unique and efficient way to do that is with experiential marketing! Quick recap, experiential marketing is a strategy that creates an opportunity for engagement between the brand and the consumer. There are many benefits of using this way of marketing. The perfect time to start this type of campaign is now. Keep reading to find out how! 

Shopping on Wheels- WHAT?
It’s out of the box. It’s new. It’s convenient for your consumer. Your brand can be represented in multiple locations because it’s mobile. Take this campaign for J. Hilburn for example. It was an entire retail store in a glass truck! This is what you call extraordinary. The agency was able to create brand awareness and target multiple audiences with one mobile vehicle. This method is efficient, trendy, and effective. Due to an increase in brand awareness and bringing the store to the consumer, sales naturally increased. Many people do enjoy shopping online but there is something different about being inside a tangible location. Going straight to the consumer is key to mobile experiential marketing! 

Which Vehicle do I Use?
The hardest decision you will have to make is deciding which vehicle, or asset, best fits your marketing needs. We have an abundant amount of options, but here are the top three we suggest:

  1. POP-UP CUBE: This is a great asset to set up inside a trade show and have your items beautifully displayed for purchase. Your guest can walk right up to your store to engage and experience your brand! You can set up several fun props so consumers, as well as yourself, can capture content to share on social platforms. Consider having a backdrop showcasing your brand and a light ring camera for your customers to snap a photo that will last them a lifetime! This memory will serve as constant marketing for your consumers. You could even have a section for a fitting room! The opportunities are endless. 
  2. POP-UP HARDSCAPE: . A hardscape is a fully customizable asset! It consists of moveable parts, such as walls and rooftop options. It can be set for an inside or outside activation. Yeti wanted to create a space with shopping options that truly embraced their brand. Consumers were able to enter the hardscape and feel like they were in an actual retail store. The experience included shopping and games. Consumers were able to experience the wild! Get it? Yeti was made for the “wild outdoors”! 
  3. RV:  Yes, you read that right, an RV. Create a fully customizable space inside and out of an RV to show off your items and your brand. This asset won’t need a trailer. It can drive itself from point A to point B. This is a smart long term option since you just need to gas up and get to the next checkpoint.

How Can I Get Started?
If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, if your curiosity is getting the best of you, Lime Media can help. Lime Media can assist you with taking your business to the next level! Hit the road with a brand new marketing campaign. All it takes is an idea, one phone call, and we can take it from there. Contact us at info@lime-media.com or 972-845-8186. We can’t wait to be a part of your mobile business journey!

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  1. Victoria Addington says

    Thank you for explaining that experiential marketing is a great way to boost brand awareness since it can be represented in numerous areas. That’s probably why my brother is opting for experiential marketing to sell his clothes. He is even looking for a provider of mobile marketing trailers that he can use for his experiential marketing.

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