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It’s Spring, Your Customers Are Hitting the Streets; Are Your Ads?

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By Chris Farnkopf, Director, National Sales at Adkom

Spring is bringing people out in droves, especially after two years of pandemic-induced seclusion. 

Recent research suggests that trends towards getting out and about more are surging, but that a lot of that traffic is within local neighborhoods rather than urban downtowns. This reflects how people are reprioritizing their lives: more time outside and off-screen, spent with loved ones, focusing on in-person interactions. 

Add in the pleasant weather just beginning to hit the Midwest and Northeast, and you have a lot of people on the move. 

These trends spell trouble for marketers who are relying exclusively on digital advertising to drive responses. But out-of-home advertising offers a unique opportunity to get in front of consumers right where they are, capturing their attention when they are distraction-free and paying attention to their surroundings. 

Specifically, street furniture like the Citi Bike® bike-share stations in New York City offer a fantastic opportunity to access your customers where they’re spending their time: walking and biking around their local neighborhoods.

Bikeshare Kiosks Offers Impact and 100% Share-of-Voice
Citi Bike is the official bike-share program of New York City and offers some of the most impactful street-level media around. As the nation’s largest and most successful bike-share program, it showcases the possibilities that this unique out-of-home avenue offers. 

The system sees an average of 80,000 trips per day in peak season, with 1.2M unique riders in 2021 alone. Citi Bike features over 1,500 stations and 25,000 bikes throughout the city, and attracts a demographic that is largely younger (25-54), college-educated, high earning (over $75,000 annually), and more likely than average to bike or run (and this doesn’t even touch on the pedestrians who pass the stations every day). 

Each Manhattan station averages over 400,000 impressions in Manhattan per month, while outer boroughs see an average of 240,000 impressions. 

Citi Bike offers high visibility with the option to wrap 25-80 individual docks at each station. This kind of statement takes over a busy NYC street corner like no other media format can offer. 

Above all, the advantage of utilizing bike-share kiosks is that you can get your clients’ messages in front of their ideal audiences in an environment completely free of competitor messages. Citi Bike lets you hit neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens where competing media just doesn’t exist. Your clients simply won’t find this level of exclusivity in any other format, like print, TV, or online. 

Adkom not only sells Citi Bike media, but we also offer bike-share kiosks in Chicago and the Bay Area. If you’d like to discuss how bike-share media can peddle your brand to the next level, reach out to Adkom today!

*Citi Bike, Citi Bike and Arc Design and the Blue Wave are registered service marks of Citigroup Inc.

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