Take the time to see the videos below. They are that good. I think you ‘ll want to incorporate these into your next presentation. No matter what level of OOH your are working in. We suggest Agency, Provider, OOH Associations and Suppliers give this a strong consideration.

When ever possible, we like to bring you new:  ideas, creative, presentations technology, research, jobs, mergers, if not new, different.  Our thought is how may OOH Today enhance your business? whether OOH Agency, Provider or Supplier.

popstream (their small caps not ours) has a unique method of photography and video.  Its called Cinemagraphs.  For presentation purposes, Cinemagraphs appear to be superior photo presentation images which allows OOH to present focus on their intended image.  Whether an OOH provider placing motion in their billboard as a differentiation if more than one billboard is in the photo or it provides Geopath or OOH provider an opportunity to specifically emphasize its audience by freezing them in the photo to focus their target. See the examples in video.

Focusing on the OOH media or its audience or both, this process should have strong potential in presentations, photo sheets, proof of performance, locations sheets.  The opportunity is great.  Regardless of your relationship to the OOH Industry, we hope you agree this process bears closer examination.

allows OOH to focus on the OOH media or its audience or both

Click on the photo link below ‘flixel billboard reel new alt’.

Tell us what you think.  Or call the ‘artist’ / photographer -Stephen Knifton of popstream.

His contact information and more videos are at the bottom of this post.  Please leave a comment on the website post if you contact him or are already familiar Cinemagraphs.  I am wondering how this process would succeed as creative on a ‘traditional OOH bulletin?’

With a great deal of coaching and help from Stephen Knifton, please read about popstream and Cinemagraphs.


It’s a new take on still photography and motion graphics that has absolutely tantalizing applications for OOH screens. Cinemagraphs.  Mind you, I had no idea what this was, until I met Stephen Knifton of popstream.  Actually, he shared a video first which made the explanation much easier to follow.

Hybrid of still images and layered-in motion

They’re a (high-resolution) hybrid of still images and layered-in motion. They loop, they’re adaptable to any screen from mobile to Times Square, and they’re extremely engaging. Eyeballs are instantly attracted to them, and they linger deeper and longer.

Stephen Knifton runs popstream; a boutique production company in Toronto, Canada that produces them. (Don’t worry, he travels). He’s not the only one who creates them, but he’s raised the bar — incorporating time-lapse, photoshop and after effects .. and produces very compelling work. This content really turns heads, and it isn’t often you can say there is a new creative technique that absolutely raises the level of engagement with an image. I am thinking with the focal point being your OOH specialty.  Bulletins, posters, buses, transit,  your media on a Cinemagraph.

The links below take you to (short) comp reels that show cinemagraphs covering style, design, architecture, street life, hospitality, cuisine, neighborhoods and streetscapes. Steve’s been in the business for some time; he’s client-facing, and can bring full creative skills to any project, aside from the visual content.

Imagine these on your digital OOH screens.

A quick creative reel showing the full range: click here ⇒https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUAd1OLjuzg

A short reel of cinemagraphs shot around outdoor signs- with interesting cinemagraphs photoshopped up on those signs.clicl ⇒ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcsgiDDa_T4&feature=youtu.be

A collection of cinemagraphs shot on the streets of NYC last month.click  here ⇒ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQJPHFs0Y3E