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Is it a Sexist Body-Shaming Billboard in Times Square?

Lollipops Flat Tummy OOH Stereotypes Women

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Sexist Body-Shaming Billboard
Weight Control Appetite Suppressing Products for Slimmer You?

This Times Square Creative did not last very long.  The pink billboard featuring appetite-suppressing lollipops for Flat Tummy Co. took a considerable number of negative social hits.  One tweet started it with,  “Let’s use our power for good by guilting @FlatTummyCo into taking down their Times Square billboard advertising appetite suppressants.”  That is all it took for another individual to start a drive of over 80,000 signatures petitioning its removal. 

The controversial Times Square billboard at Broadway and 49th Street, for company Flat Tummy, advertising hunger suppressant foods in the form of a lollipop was criticized as sexist.  The creative has been knocked as stereotyping, targeting women, and offensive for its photo and copy which features a woman sucking a lollipop with the phrase: “Girl, tell them to suck it.” It’s been removed

Watch Bob Brown of WABC News’ video, interview women of NYC about their feelings towards the creative.




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