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IKEA Furniture With OOH Punchy Posters

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Vinterior Takes Cheeky Jab at Mass-Produced Furniture With Punchy Posters (That Could Help Prevent You from Having a Divorce)

Created by agency 10 Days, the OOH posters position homeware as a reflection of personality, reminding people that they are better than mass-produced

Agency 10 Days has given the London underground a home makeover in its latest work for online vintage furniture marketplace, Vinterior. The retro-inspired posters uncover the human truth in our design decisions, while light-heartedly teasing the less sustainable, more generic (Swedish-based) options on the market. Even going as far as saying by buying vintage you can avoid divorce (a leading psychologist has in fact branded an IKEA wall unit “the divorce maker”). Hence the line, ‘NO SWEDISH MEATBALLS, NO INSTRUCTIONS, NO DIVORCE.’

The campaign’s aesthetics boast a vintage flair influenced by mid-20th century poster design, pairing stunning product images with clean, crisp, bold copy – the perfect formula for eye-catching visuals that capture the elusive attention of commuters. From strikingly shaped lampshades to quirky chequered sofas, certified quality items take centre stage to flaunt their unusual details, providing a sustainable and far more interesting alternative to fast furniture.

To create an impact that lasts, the campaign also casts vintage homeware in an alluring new light by uncovering the human truth at the heart of every design decision: how you furnish your home is a raw reflection of you, how you are seen and how you see the world. Taking a playful dig at mass-produced pieces with the line ‘YOU’RE BETTER THAN FLAT-PACK’, the campaign also dares customers to ‘PROVE YOU’RE NOT BORING’, with the distinct items inviting viewers to put the rest of their homeware to shame.

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Lucy Ward, VP of Brand, Vinterior, comments: “We’re super proud of this campaign and can’t wait to see the reaction it gets. We want to challenge people to consider pre-owned pieces before buying fast furniture. We’re confident these adverts will get people to embrace the wonderful world of vintage with us.”

Jolyon White, Co-Founder, 10 Days, adds:We have a simple mantra when it comes to OOH: ‘Would you want to put it up on your wall? And does it pack a punch?’ This does both with style.”

The campaign launches on the London Underground on the 25th September, running until the 6th November 2023.

About 10 Days
10 Days, founded by 3 brothers Jolyon, George & Dominic, create blockbuster brand-building campaigns & fame-driving ideas within 10 Days. For more information visit www.10days.london

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